Saturday, October 29, 2011

Nouveau Weekend in Galena, IL!

Nouveau weekend is a tradition borrowed from the French in which we celebrate all things wine with a sampling of the vintage from the autumn harvest. The Galena event will be held on the weekend of November 18th and 19th of 2011. The main event, the Grand Tasting, is held on Saturday, November 19th. Registration begins at 3:30 pm with the tasting starting at 4:00 pm continuing through 6:00 pm. Held at the Galena Convention Center, the Grand Tasting will include over 200 wines with wine and spirit distributors from across the country. In addition to the tasting, everyone will receive a keepsake wine glass as well as complimentary cheese, bread, and fruit. Advance tickets are available at $30.00 per person while tickets sold at the door, while available, will be $35.00 per person. It is very possible this event will be sold out so make sure you order your tickets early!
The rest of the weekend will be full of wine themed events. Everything from tours of the local vineyards to tastings to historic tours and special dinners will be available to people joining us in Galena. On the night of Saturday, November 19th, we at the Goldmoor Inn will be celebrating the weekend with our own Nouveau Progressive Dinner. The first stop on the dinner will be the Galena Cellars Vineyard with a tour and wine tasting with a cheese pairing. From there, we will take the guests to be treated by our chefs at the Goldmoor Inn with soup and the main entree. Lastly, the dinner moves to the Desoto House for dessert. If you are one of our guests, we take you back to the Goldmoor Inn from there.
So, whether you are in Galena for the wine, the history, the food, or just because you thought it would be fun to try something new, there is plenty to do and see. Consider joining us at the Goldmoor Inn and staying in any of 18 luxurious accommodations. Enjoy what Nouveau in Galena has to offer, and then return to the Goldmoor Inn to relax in blissful comfort.