Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pet Friendlier?

How many times have you thought about bringing your pets with you when you travel? Now, how many of those times have you decided against it because it's too much of a hassle? Maybe your pet wouldn't have room to run or you didn't want to stay in a hotel 45 minutes from town, maybe you didn't think there would be anything you could do other than stroll along. Well, Galena is looking to alleviate some of those troubles and the Goldmoor has the rest! Right now, the possibility of building a new dog park in Galena, IL is being discussed with the city council. The proposed dog park would be a safe, clean place for your four-legged friend to exercise and socialize. Not to mention a chance to stretch those legs after being in the car! As for things to do, well, there are always possibilities in Galena! This past weekend, Fever River Outfitters had a Canoe with your Canine Weekend. Some of the wineries in the area allow dogs on the grounds. Call around and ask places about their pet policies and I'm betting you will find plenty to do.

The other part of the hassle, a place to rest with your pets, can be a real problem sometimes. Just finding a place that allows pets can be a real test of your patience. Sometimes your accommodations are quite a distance from your destination. Tack onto that the fact that the rooms that dogs are allowed in aren't always the hotels best, and you have a less than ideal situation. However, for your furred travel companion, you have endured. In Galena, though, there are options! If you're looking for a hotel room, the Best Western allows pets, though you need to call for reservations with pets. If you want to stay somewhere luxurious, the Goldmoor Inn, 10 minutes outside of Galena, has long opened their Grand Deluxe Log Cabins to guests bringing their furry friends. Staying at the Goldmoor Inn, you will never have to sacrifice luxury or comfort in order to bring your pets. So, next time you debate over whether bringing your pets is worth the hassle, don't worry. Just plan your trip to the Goldmoor Inn.

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