Monday, May 12, 2014

Wedding Dresses 2015

The fashion runways are still steaming from the sizzling styles that walked down them fashion week in April.  We've compiled some of the hottest trends that showed up.  There have been many fresh takes on older styles this year and the trends are great on all types of silhouettes.


The first trend is off-the-shoulder necklines.  Not strapless, but dress with sleeves that highlight those collar bones.

Via Oscar de la Renta

Via Jenny Packham
Via Oscar de la Renta

Via Allure Bridal


Dresses with sleeves were popular in the past, but they are being reinvented when combined with other current trends.

Vera Wang never does anything halfway and her combination of lace overlays, a statement back, and abnormally long sleeves are an edgy way for a bride to express her individuality.

Via Vera Wang

Carolina Herrera mixes sleeves with lace overlays and a modest neckline make this simple silhouette stand out in a sophisticated way.

Via Carolina Herrera
This dress mixes lace overlays, sleeves, and a collar for refined elegance.

Via Allure Bridal


Dresses with lace overlays that create a modest bodice for brides are a hit this upcoming season!  They are showing up in capes, collars, and higher necklines.  I think this is a fantastic fresh take on the sweetheart neckline that has been done for the past few years.  It's also a great way to use the lace remnants from your mother/grandmother's dress.

Via Carolina Herrera


These dresses have a classic simplicity in the front that allows the bride to be modest and elegant but gets peoples' jaws dropping when she turns around.  These dresses play well for brides with longer torsos.

Via Vera Wang

Via Hayley Paige

via Hayley Paige


One of the biggest trends that appeared on the 2015 bridal runway was the existence of colored dresses.  Today's brides are wanting to stand out and show a bit of their personality through the use of color.  Many of these dresses have a modern silhouette, such as this paloma blue dress from Hayley Paige.  Other dresses may have a risqué bodice, like the Hayley Paige sequin top.  Other dresses were just born to stand out, like the brilliantly metallic gold dress from Jenny Packham. 

Hayley Paige via Wedding Wire

via Hayley Paige

via Jenny Packham


Tulle overskirts have the advantage of being two dresses in one.  For the ceremony you wear the more formal, long train dress that is elegant, but once the reception starts, you are able to take off the top layers of tulle and have a shorter, party dress underneath.  The bodice of the dress remains the same, but the shorter skirt allows for more freedom on the dance floor!  Plus, perhaps you could dye your dress later on and still wear it on dates (Anniversary dinner in your wedding dress? Yes, please!).

Via Pinterest


These dresses have simple silhouettes but an extraordinary amount of little details that make the dress stunning.  From pearls to beads to crystals and bows, this attention to detail can make even an inexpensive dress feel custom.  Make sure that your dress is going to fit both the venue and feel of the wedding, you don't want to have a glitzy dress if you are having a barn wedding.

via Hayley Paige
We understand that your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life, and we want to help you make your dreams reality.  While we won't be shopping for your wedding dress with you... we will help make your venue, decorations, and mood match the dress!

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